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76% of women say that they wear hair extensions because it adds value to their look.

Since the beauty industry welcomed the introduction of hair extensions during the early 1980s, it has been growing impressively.

Hair extensions provide an affordable alternative for beautification and volumizing thinning hair. Hair extensions work magic like a few other beauty products or accessories can, transforming your appearance as well as your confidence.

The global hair extension market is marked to expand at a moderate growth rate in the forthcoming years. Consumers are adopting hair extensions as an alternative for coloring natural hair as it causes hair damage. The high cost of permanent solutions and the rise in trend of synthetic hair extensions are generating huge demand for hair extensions, which in turn is propelling the growth of the global hair extension market.

Get Sample Report To Know The Future Trends In The Market. Such as, The hair extension industry will continue to grow out at an impressive rate for the next 5-6 year period. Expect the global industry to achieve the target CAGR of X% that multiple industry analysts expect is possible. If income levels continue to rise in the U.S., India, and China, and other parts of the world then this growth rate could double in some markets.

Globally, Hair Extension market is divided into the synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions, and animal hair extensions. End-users are both male and female.

Hair Extensions Top Methods:

1. Temporary:


It includes clip-in pieces, wefts, and weaves where large pieces of hair are added. It can be used for a few days or weeks.

2. Semi-Permanent:


It includes tape-in pieces that last around 6-8 weeks. These are smaller than clip-ins. Tape extensions are undetectable.

3. Permanent:

pemanent hair extensions.jpg

It includes many small attachments strand-by-strand, like micro rings or micro bonds. It can be used continuously, for many months.

The market for human hair extensions is growing very rapidly. Unless beauty preferences rapidly change in the next decade, the hair extension industry looks to keep building upon its success up to 2025.

Get More Insights About Hair Extensions Market Such as Key manufacturers are Great Lengths, Balmain, Hair Dreams, Easihair, Donna Bella, Hairlocs, VivaFemina, UltraTress, Anhui Jinruixiang, Cinderella, Klix Hair Extension and many more.

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